AGA Agency


Konstantinos Lamprou

The head of the AGA Agency
The Athens Goalkeepers Academy, always a step ahead, has established a department for guidance and representation of our goalkeepers. It is the AGA Agency, whose role is to fulfill in the best possible way all the obligations of the athletes outside the pitch, because in our times football is more demanding than ever.
Our vision is that our goalkeepers remain completely focused on their training program and games, in order to make progress constantly and maximize their performance.

At the AGA Agency we are always close to our athletes. We advise, guide and help them make the right career choices. At the same time, we can represent them in the negotiations with the clubs interested in acquiring them by transfer and we give them the opportunity to have tryouts for the best clubs in Europe. 

The head of the AGA Agency is Mr. Konstantinos Lamprou, holder of Executive Diploma in Sports Management. Interested athletes, agents and club representatives can contact Mr. Konstantinos Lambrou by phone -via WhatsApp or Viber also- at +30 6934105369. The e-mail address of AGA Agency is: