AGA is the only Goalkeeping Academy in Greece that, through its Camps, gives its athletes every year the opportunity to try and claim a place in major clubs in Europe. This is an important part of our Educational Program conducted abroad and the process is as follows: 

During the Camps the young goalkeepers go through the 1st evaluation phase by the invited coach from abroad and the selected ones are then prepared for as long as needed by the AGA for the 2nd evaluation stage.

In this 2nd stage the selected ones have the opportunity to travel to the country where the coach who selected them at the Camp works to get experiences, get to know different cultures and philosophies and have training and tryouts with major clubs. Whoever is selected, goes from the 2nd to the 3rd stage, in which he is included in the training of the club that chose him. This club decides about signing a contract with him or not.