Athens Goalkeepers Academy is a leading Academy for goalkeepers, which operates in Greece, Cyprus, UK and Spain, through its official network of partners. AGA Greece was founded on September 1, 2012 and has helped dozens of professional goalkeepers.


We scout, train and develop goalkeepers through the AGA Training Methodology. It is an innovative, modern and fully specialized – for goalkeepers – methodology, which includes three parts: 1) coaching 2) scientific 3) technological. To carry out our plan, we utilize the knowledge and the experience we have gained for years through our collaboration with the top clubs in Europe, their goalkeeping coaches, and the rest of their staff.


The Athens Goalkeepers Academy is already considered a leading Goalkeeping Academy in Greece and a model for the European football, based on the feedback we receive from the GK Coaches of the top European clubs with which we have been collaborating for years.

Our vision from the beginning was to upgrade the work done in the position of goalkeeper, bringing pioneering know-how. That is why we get our knowledge from the top clubs in the world, their goalkeeping coaches and their scientific teams, while we give the opportunity to our athletes, after preparing them, to be evaluated by clubs of the top European leagues.


Our philosophy is to create smart athletes, who enjoy sports, have fun, are entertained and creative. This is a process that helps their personal and social development.

The basis of our program is their education and the formation of perfect characters for the society, and consequently capable athletes and goalkeepers.

Characters who never give up until they achieve their goal and make their dream come true. That’s why, after all, our motto is: Keep Fighting For Your Dream! 

We consider it fundamental for our goalkeepers to understand values ​​such as respect, teamwork, solidarity, effort, leadership, responsibility, fair play and good fighting.

At the same time, we make sure that they understand the rules of proper behavior as members of a social group (team), and we keep them motivated in order to give 100% in every training and every match.


Our goal is to create modern goalkeepers, who will be perfect in terms of perception, character, technique, tactics, physique and physical condition, and play a leading role in every event, team, game philosophy and system / formation, achieving in this way the goals they pose themselves.