All AGA coaches hold UEFA degrees and participate in our Academy’s Lifelong Learning Program, which means that they never stop training and evolving themselves. 

Christos Lamprou​

The Head Coach of AGA

Christos Lamprou

The Head Coach of Athens Goalkeepers Academy is Mr. Christos Lamprou. Born in 1982, he has Greek and Canadian citizenship, and speaks Greek, English and Russian. Mr. Lamprou specializes in improving the technical detail of professionals and young goalkeepers. He has developed a large network of associates from leading European clubs, and is a regular guest at major conferences on the evolution of the goalkeeper’s position abroad, often as a speaker. 

He works with goalkeepers who play at the highest level of football. In the past he has collaborated -among others – with the Greek National Team (Men and Youth), with the Women’s National Team K15, but also with the Super League Greece club Panionios. At the same time, he has attended the training programs of dozens of top goalkeeping coaches in Europe and he is in open line with them, discussing all the developments around the position of goalkeeper. 


Triantafyllos Ballis was born on April 2, 1979 and has been working with the Athens Goalkeepers Academy since 2020. After a long career as a goalkeeper in the Athenian stadiums, he decided to pursue his great passion about coaching and start a career as a goalkeeping coach. He played until the age of 40 in many clubs, including Ierapolis, Themistoklis, Agia Eleousa, Larissaikos, Irini 2005, Ermis Korydallou, Chalkidona and Amfiali.

He was already actively involved in coaching in the last 5 years of his football career, and after retiring in 2019 he decided to devote himself completely to coaching. As a goalkeeping coach, he has collaborated with clubs such as Egaleo, Zefyros, Ermis Korydallou and Amfiali.

He attends all the major seminars for goalkeeping coaches that take place in Greece, including those organized by AGA, with guests some of the top GK Coaches in the world. He follows the UEFA programs for goalkeeping coaches and holds diplomas from these programs.  



Coach of AGA


Coach of AGA


He is one of the most experienced goalkeeping coaches at this level. Costas Vamvakousis, was born in 1960 and holds a UEFA C diploma. He has been working with the Athens Goalkeepers Academy since 2018, but he has been training goalkeepers for more than 20 years.

He started his coaching career in 2000. He continues to provide his knowledge to the younger ones with great passion, and learns new things himself. “AGA is a great school for every coach”, he comments. Costas attends all major seminars for GK Coaches, and stays updated for the developments and trends around the position of goalkeeper.

In his goalkeeping career, Costas Vamvakousis played for a number of Athenian teams (Iraklis Peristeriou, Chalkida, Acharnaikos, Fostiras, Ilysiakos, Agia Eleousa), but also for the U18 of Stoke City.

As a goalkeeping coach he has worked with great success in teams such as Iraklis Peristeriou, Egaleo, Agios Ierotheos, but also in Atromitos, where he was, among others, the goalkeeping coach of the Greek National Team goalkeepers, Vassilis Barkas and Christos Mandas.