Official: AGA’s Dimitris Stamatakis signed for Atletico Madrid!

Athens Goalkeepers Academy proudly announces the transfer of Dimitris Stamatakis to Atletico Madrid. The goalkeeper of AGA, born in 2003, has signed a contract with the Spanish club, one of the top in Europe, and he is officially its player.

This is a huge achievement of the leading Goalkeeping Academy in Greece, as Atletico actually signed Stamatakis from AGA, where he was being trained for the last 5 years, while he did not belong to any club and did not play in any league!

This event is a clear proof of the huge confidence of the Spanish club in the talent of Dimitris, but also in the work of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy and its Head, Mr. Christos Lamprou.

A trust that proves to be very deep, especially considering the following: Atletico had decided to sign Stamatakis in May 2019, when AGA was in Spain with its evaluated goalkeepers, in order to have tryouts for clubs such as Atletico and Real Madrid. The transfer was delayed due to some problems, however, the Spanish club did not give up the case, but was constantly by Dimitris’ side and waited for him for 2 years, until they signed him.

The Head of Athens Goalkeepers Academy, Mr. Christos Lamprou, Dimitris Stamatakis and the Director of AGA Agency, Mr. Konstntinos Lamprou.

Athens Goalkeepers Academy and AGA Agency, which is AGA’s player representation department, warmly thanks Atletico Madrid, Dimitris Stamatakis and all those involved in the transfer for the trust and the excellent cooperation.

This transfer is a great justification for the policy pursued by AGA, which is the only Academy in Greece that gives its evaluated goalkeepers every year the opportunity to have tryouts for the top clubs in Europe.

We feel lucky that in the 9 years of operation of our Academy we have managed to win the appreciation and to cooperate with the best football clubs in Europe.

Lamprou: ”We help them to sign for the best clubs in Europe”

“The transfer of Dimitris to Atletico Madrid is the most important achievement of our Academy in its 9-10 years of operation. The fact that Atletico waited 2 years for this goalkeeper means a lot. Our goal is to develop goalkeepers who are interested in learning the position. They do not have to belong to a club, as long as they love the position of goalkeeper and want to succeed abroad. AGA gives this opportunity, we are a coaching school for goalkeepers. With the specialized training for goalkeepers that only our Academy provides in Greece, we can help our athletes reach the top level and play for the best clubs in Europe“, commented the Head of AGA, Mr. Christos Lamprou.

Stamatakis: ”A big thank you is not enough”

“A dream come true with a lot of effort. I managed to make my dream come true with the help of the coach (Mr. Christos Lamprou). I will always be grateful and I will have to do a lot to repay him. A big ‘‘thank you’’ is not enough for everything that the coach, the Athens Goalkeepers Academy and all its staff have offered me. I also want to thank Atletico Madrid for their trust in the coach, the Athens Goalkeepers Academy and me”, Dimitris Stamatakis commented.

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