12th Goalkeeping Camp & Seminar: Three great GK Coaches satisfied with the high level of the goalkeepers

Another Athens Goalkeepers Academy (AGA) summer camp was crowned with great success, thus confirming that it is the most important annual meeting in Greece for young goalkeepers and GK Coaches.

The “12th Goalkeeping Camp & Seminar” ended on Friday (30/6) after four days of training, football action, entertainment, and evaluation at the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

It was an international meeting, as dozens of goalkeepers and GK Coaches from nine (9) different countries attended: Greece, Cyprus, USA, Philippines, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, and of course from Spain and Germany, where the three special guest goalkeeper coaches work.

José Sambade, Pascal Formann, and Arturo González, trained goalkeepers and coaches and evaluated the goalkeepers. The young athletes left an excellent impression, and there are not a few who were marked on the coaches’ notepads. That means they will soon have the opportunity to have tryouts for foreign clubs!

Speech by Giannis Kotsis

The 4th and last day of the “12th Goalkeeping Camp & Seminar” started with the speech of Mr. Yiannis Kotsis. The sports scientist of the Human Performance Lab and the Greek national team referred to the importance of the specialized ergometric evaluation for goalkeepers in modern football and the nutrition program they must follow.

Arturo González’s program

Competitively, after the training program of José Sambade and Pascal Formann, it was the turn of Arturo González to present his philosophy.

Sevilla’s Spanish 2nd team goalkeeper coach and first-team scout conducted a seminar on “Transition from second to first team.” He mentioned all the elements the goalkeeper must be trained in: mentally, physically, and tactically.

Immediately after the seminar, everyone went to the SEF football field for the practical part of the training and evaluation.

Awards for the Greek Goalkeeping Network

In between, the Head of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy, Mr. Christos Lambrou, awarded the Member Schools of the Greek Goalkeeping Network, which provided potential “attendance” at the Camp: GK Goalkeeper Academy (Chania), Rizos Goalkeeper Academy (Kavala ), Goalkeeper School Academy (Ilia) and Argolida Goalkeeper School (Nafplio).

At the same time, reference was made to the AGA Agency’s contribution to the opportunities given to young goalkeepers to be evaluated by foreign teams and the importance of proper muscle strengthening and recovery from injuries in the AGA’s Special Goalkeeping Gym.

Goalkeeper Pre-Preparation Summer Camp

The successful “12th Goalkeeping Camp & Seminar” may have ended, but the action continues with the Goalkeeping Pre-Preparation Summer Camp. As announced in SEF, a three-week training program (July 3-21, 2023) will be held for one more year at Renti Arena to keep goalkeepers ready to prepare for their teams in the new season (2023-24).

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Big thanks from AGA

The Athens Goalkeepers Academy warmly thanked for the support and trust of all participating goalkeepers and coaches in the “12th Goalkeeping Camp & Seminar”, the parents, the administration of the Peace and Friendship Stadium, the sponsors of Elemis Constructions, New Art, Macron, Mitsos Truck Repair, Royal Spartan, Golden Key, anti-sports.gr, Mira, Vosporos, ”Tsikoudia”, and of course, the media partners.

The “12th Goalkeeping Camp & Seminar” Media Partners were Gazzetta.gr and Nova.

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