Athens Goalkeepers Academy: 15 training trips in 9 years for more than 250 goalkeepers

The Athens Goalkeepers Academy is preparing for the 16th training trip in its history, scheduled for April 17-23, 2023, in Madrid, Spain. A summary of the achievements of the No1 Greek Goalkeeping Academy in recent years highlights its effect on the development of the work done in the training of goalkeepers in Greece.

Over the past nine years, starting in 2014, the AGA has made 15 trips in European countries to allow their goalkeepers to have tryouts for top clubs. Ιn these nine years, more than 250 goalkeepers have been in 5 different countries (Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, Sweden) to be evaluated.

What is the process

The process includes three evaluation stages.

1st evaluation stage:

  • It is held in Greece during the annual AGA Camps by the guest goalkeeper coach from abroad. We always ensure it is a top name.
  • It takes place during the season: in Athens by the coaching staff of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy and in other cities by the coaching staff of the Member Academies of the Greek Goalkeeping Network (established by AGA). The οτηερ member Academies are GK Goalkeeper Academy (Chania), Rizos Goalkeeper Academy (Kavala), Goalkeeper School Academy (Ilia), and Argolida Goalkeepers School (Nafplio).

2nd evaluation stage:

  • It takes place in the training centers of the clubs and concerns those goalkeepers who have been evaluated capable and ready for this challenge, during the 1st evaluation stage.

3rd evaluation stage:

  • It takes place at the training center of the club that has selected a goalkeeper from the 2nd evaluation stage. AGA Agency handles the negotiations.

AGA is the only Goalkeeping Academy in Greece – probably one of the few private football Academies in our country at all – that has the “green light” from major clubs abroad to evaluate goalkeepers on their behalf and constantly takes them to their training centers.

In its 11 years of operation, Athens Goalkeepers Academy has consistently worked with the top goalkeeper coaches in Europe.

Which goalkeepers is it about?

The prospect of participating in AGA’s training trips abroad does not only concern goalkeepers who train regularly at our Academy or the member Academies of the Greek Goalkeeping Network (GGN). The opportunity is also given to all the other goalkeepers who consider themselves capable and ready for this step.

The effectiveness

The fact that more than 50 goalkeepers – out of more than 1,000 who have been trained by AGA in its ten years of operation – today have a professional career is important to us. However, it is not everything since our philosophy is to reach each athlete’s maximum potential, whether at a professional level or an amateur one.

The effectiveness of the AGA Training Methodology has been proven and recognized through the course of these goalkeepers regardless of level.

Two notable examples of goalkeepers who developed rapidly after being trained by the Athens Goalkeepers Academy are Dimitris Stamatakis and Serafim Koulis.

As several other goalkeepers stood out in Camps or training trips of the AGA, their most characteristic common element is that these athletes in recent years, before their transfers, did not compete in any team or any league but were trained by our Academy!

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