AGA has successfully established annual Camps for young goalkeepers and goalkeeping coaches, which usually last four days. The goalkeeping coaches of the biggest clubs in Europe are hosted by our School in Athens and transmit their knowledge, through specialized trainings and seminars. They train and evaluate the participants in each Camp and the top of them have the opportunity to travel abroad and be tested by a top club in Europe, after having spent the necessary preparation time in AGA. 


In December 2019, AGA hosted in Athens one of the top goalkeeping coaches of LaLiga, Mr. Roberto Navachas, who applied his own training model and analyzed through special daily seminars the position of the goalkeeper, at Christmas Camp 2019 by AGA. 


In June 2019, the Head Goalkeeping Coach of the Liverpool Academy, Mr. Mark Morris, was in Athens after the invitation of AGA and was the main coach at the Summer Camp 2019 of our Academy. 


In June 2018, the goalkeeping coach of the first team of Real Madrid, Mr.  Luis Jopis, taught at the Summer Camp 2018 by AGA, just a few days after winning the third consecutive Champions League title! 


In December 2017, the Head Goalkeeping Coach of Betis, Mr. Pedro Munoz, came to Greece and shared his knowledge at the Christmas Camp 2017 by AGA. 


In June 2017 two very important goalkeeping coaches were in Athens to share their knowledge at the Summer Camp 2017 by AGA: Cagliari’s Mr. Antonello Brambilla and Benfica’s Mr. Ricardo Leite. 


In July 2016, Billy Stewart, Everton Academy’s goalkeeping coach, was our official guest at Summer Camp 2016 by AGA, where he analyzed some of the secrets of the goalkeeper position.