Rene Stam was impressed at the “2nd Panhellenic Goalkeeping Camp”

The “2nd Panhellenic Camp for Goalkeepers and Coaches”, held at Renti Arena by the Athens Goalkeepers Academy and the Greek Goalkeeping Network (December 27-30, 2022), was finished in the best way.

The guest coach from the Netherlands, Mr. Rene Stam, was impressed by the participating goalkeepers. He congratulated them for their effort and evaluated them in collaboration with the Head of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy, Mr. Christos Lamprou. In the near future, those who have been deemed ready will have the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to be evaluated by clubs in the country.

Dozens of goalkeepers from all over Greece and abroad, as well as GK Coaches, attended the Camp. Among them were, of course, representatives of the other four member Academies of the Greek Goalkeeping Network:

  • Gk Goalkeeper Academy (Chania)
  • Goalkeeper School Academy (Ilia)
  • Rizos Goalkeeper Academy (Kavala)
  • Argolida Goalkeepers School (Argolida)

The “2nd Panhellenic Camp for Goalkeepers and Coaches” had a full program of training, evaluation and entertainment.

Goalkeepers, coaches, as well as parents, had the opportunity to attend daily seminars by expert scientists and coaches.

At the same time, on the pitch the goalkeepers followed the training program of Mr. Stam, who has previously worked for 12 years at the Ajax Academy as Head Goalkeeping Coach.

As happens in every Camp of our Academy, every athlete had an ergometric test.

In addition, the Mentor Goalkeeping introduced to the participants the Virtual Reality Training program, allowing them to enjoy an unprecedented experience.

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