The goalkeepers of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy and Greek Goalkeeping Network in Genoa

At the training center of Genoa, in Northwestern Italy, the goalkeepers of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy and the Greek Goalkeeping Network have been accommodated since Friday night for a week (9-16/2/2024).

This marks a milestone in the history of the No1 Goalkeeping School in Greece (AGA), as it is its 20th trip abroad in the last 10 years!

Similar to the previous 19 visits of AGA to other countries in Europe, at the training centers of the biggest clubs, in collaboration with top goalkeeping coaches, this one in Genoa also has an educational character.

It continues the education and evaluation program conducted by the long-time GK Coach of Genoa, Luca De Pra, at the “3rd Panhellenic Goalkeeping Camp” of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy, in December 2023, in Athens.

Six of the goalkeepers from that Camp received an official invitation from the experienced Italian goalkeeper coach and the Serie A club, to spend a week at Genoa’s training center, to closely acquaint themselves with the team’s football philosophy and working methods, to get in touch with the Italian culture, and be further evaluated.

Regardless of the evaluation outcome, the participants will gain valuable knowledge and live a unique life experience, one that shapes an athlete’s perception and character.

The 6 athletes come from three different regions of Greece. Specifically, 2 of them reside in Attica and are trained daily by the Athens Goalkeepers Academy, another 2 come from Chania (GK Goalkeeper Academy), while the other 2 come from Achaia.

They are accompanied by the Head of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy, Christos Lamprou.

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