Christos Lamprou: I feel touched that Stamatakis has not forgotten where he started from (video)

On their exclusive interviews on AGA TV, Mr. Christos Lamprou and Mr. Konstantinos Lamprou commented that they are excited about the successful cooperation with Dimitris Stamatakis and Curro Galán at the 10th Summer Camp by AGA 2021.

The Head of the Athens Goalkeepers Academy, Mr. Christos Lamprou, commented that he felt touched for the fact that the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper remains very close to the leading Goalkeeping Academy in Greece, which gave him the opportunity to make his dream come true with his transfer.

At the same time, he said that Mr. Galán was satisfied with the high level of the goalkeepers at the Camp, which means that some of them will visit Spain in the near future, for the 2nd phase of their evaluation.

The Director of AGA Agency, Mr. Konstantinos Lamprou, expressed his satisfaction for the presence of coaches and goalkeepers at the Camp.

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