AGA in Spain with 17 goalkeepers

Athens Goalkeepers Academy arrived in Madrid earlier today. The leading Goalkeepers Academy in Greece traveled to the Spanish capital with 17 goalkeepers as part of its training program abroad and will remain in the country for a week.

This trip is a continuation of the “10th Summer Camp by AGA” which was held last summer with great success. Our official guests in Athens were the goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid and AGA, Dimitris Stamatakis, and the Head Coach of Goalkeepers of the academy of the Spanish champion, Mr. Curro Galan. Mr. Galan evaluated the participant goalkeepers, who are now in Madrid.

During this week, AGA will be hosted in the Atletico’s facilities. This confirms once again the excellent level of cooperation between the two sides. The 17 goalkeepers will be trained and evaluated in the training center of Atletico Madrid other Spanish clubs.

The goalkeepers are accompanied by the Head of AGA, Mr. Christos Lamprou, and the Director of the AGA Agency, Mr. Konstantinos Lamprou.

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